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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Coalition Meeting

Make it a priority!!! March 3rd will be our first Virginia Suicide Prevention Council (now Coalition) meeting in a long while. First the particulars:

Sheraton Park South. You can click the link to get directions or other needed hotel information.
Who: Anyone interested in the suicide prevention & intervention. You do NOT have to be an "official" member of the Coalition. All stakeholders in suicide prevention are welcome. Come ready to work!
When: 10:00am to 3:00pm
What: The agenda is still in flux... YOUR input is desired. Please forward any ideas, needs, what if's to me by February 29th.

Please RSVP!! I need to give the hotel a head count.

Why make time for this??? It is incredibly difficult to eek out time to participate in yet ANOTHER meeting. The VASPC has quietly toiled away for several years. You deserve some recognition! You deserve to see the fruits of hard work! You deserve LUNCH! We need your time, talent and passion to continue moving forward.

What I need from each of you...

If you know of someone who has done tremendous work in Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Education, please send me an email so that they might be recognized for their work at the Coalition meeting.

Would you send me any training numbers, information about the kinds of trainings you are doing, groups trained, etc so that we can compile this information into a report. I am not going to be so brave as to promise it for the Coalition meeting, but it could happen. At least we could have a rough draft-a general gist, something. You can send it to me by February 29th. This would be an incredible document to have for our state representatives and for future federal funding opportunities.

I'd like to create a roster of VASPC participants. Will you send me your contact information also? I would like to be able to distribute this as a resource to other Coaltion members. You can send it to me by February 29th.

Even if you cannot attend the meeting, please forward any information you have about your work (or your organizations work) that we might compile into our report. You can send it to me. If you can't be there send us your good thoughts, energy and vibes. You will be missed!

Please send all of this informaiton by February 29th to (That includes the RSVP.) I will be out of town a bunch between now and the 3rd; but, I will make every effort to compile everything for the 3rd.

Spread the word. We don't have nearly enough people on our email flash list. Get the word out about the Coalition and about the meeting.

Hope to see you all in a mere two weeks.

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